The Medieval Latin Committee will organize its ninth Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, from 22-24 September 2022. The chosen theme is Nostalgia and/in the Latin Middle Ages. The conference website can be found here.

Mission Statement

The International Medieval Latin Committee has as its primary mission the organization of international congresses in order to further, expand, and promote the study of Medieval Latin around the world. The Committee, which has no budget of its own and charges no dues, comprises representatives from ten European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland) or regions (Scandinavia, United Kingdom) and from two North American countries (Canada, United States).

The congresses, which have traditionally assembled every four or five years, were supposed to take place with increasing frequency and originally the ninth conference was planned for 2020. It had to rescheduled twice; let’s keep our fingers crossed for it going ahead as planned in September 2022. These congresses are the most important collective events for the international community of Medieval Latinists. They draw hundreds of Medieval Latinists from around the world to present papers on the congress topics, which are determined by the IMLC as a whole.

The International Medieval Latin Committee has existed for more than a quarter century. It came into being thanks to the efforts of Walter Berschin, who organized the first international congress of Medieval Latinists in Heidelberg on September 12–15, 1988. The field of Medieval Latin studies is not large, but it is truly international, as Latin itself has been for millennia. It is this longstanding tradition of collaboration across borders that both inspires and guides the activities of the IMLC.

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